Common Misconceptions About Towing Services

The roadside assistance industry is not new to myths and misconceptions, especially regarding towing services. It can be attributed to stereotyping by clients who might have had a bad experience with unprofessional service providers. However, such stereotyping can cost towing services lucrative jobs, which is why professional and reputable towing services must do their best to dispel the myths. Most importantly, it enables customers to understand and appreciate towing services. Here are some common myths about towing services.

Service Providers Only Tow Vehicles

Most people assume that towing service providers only haul vehicles from accident sites and parking lots. However, it is not the only package towing service providers offer. Besides towing cars, most service providers provide repair services for vehicles that have broken down and cannot get immediate help. For instance, if you drive to a wedding and get a puncture, towing services will dispatch a mechanic to come to your rescue. However, you should understand that the service is offered as part of a tiered structure. It means that you can opt for a towing service package, including mechanical repair services. Although such a package costs more, it is worth every penny, especially during emergencies.

Towing Services Are Slow

When stuck in the middle of nowhere at odd hours, waiting 10 minutes for towing services can seem like an eternity. Most tow truck drivers have been accused of taking too much time to arrive. The truth is that towing services try their absolute best to reach a client's location within the shortest time possible. In fact, most towing companies have a dispatcher who liaises with tow truck drivers to set an expected time of arrival (ETA). A driver then uses the shortest route to reach a client's location. However, clients must be realistic because you cannot expect towing services to cover 20 miles in 5 minutes. Therefore, the further you are, the longer you might have to wait. Most importantly, professional towing services will always strive to get to your location as fast as possible

Service Providers Focus on Cities

Since you see most towing services operate in the city, you might think that they only offer services within and around CBDs. Although most towing services are headquartered in the city, they still provide services in relatively remote areas. They do it through partnerships with third-party emergency towing services. Therefore, if you are stranded in the outskirts of the city, your towing company will contact a service provider closest to your location to provide the necessary assistance. In most cases, you receive the same quality of service from third-party towing partners. 

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