Top Tips When Choosing A Towing Service

Has your car ever broken down by the roadside? Could be it had an overheating engine or a broken transmission. A reliable towing service will provide recovery services and take your vehicle to a reputable garage for repairs. So, how do you choose a towing service? Below are some vital tips.


As a rule, you should work with companies that have a positive reputation. Avoid companies with negative reviews such as taking too long to respond or damaging client vehicles. Go for companies with lots of positive reviews. It is a guarantee that you will receive quality services at a reasonable price.

Towing Vehicles

Visit the company's premises and inspect their tow trucks. Hook and tow equipment could damage your car's underneath or bumper during towing. Besides, the method could damage the transmission system of all-wheel drive vehicles. Preferably, choose a company that has a flatbed with a heavy-duty winch. Check the condition of the towing vehicle. Old cars with leaking engines and transmission problems may not have the power to tow your vehicle. Besides, they may breakdown before reaching the scene of the accident.


Communication is a vital concern when choosing a towing service. Avoid companies that do not pick up calls or those that take too long to respond to your emails. Company staff should observe a high degree of professionalism. For instance, how would they help you if they are engaged when you need their services? An excellent tow truck service will refer you to another company. It is a sure way to win client trust.


Other than towing services, you could also need roadside assistance services. These are minor repair services such as jump-starting the vehicle, repairing punctures, changing a spark plug or replacing a leaking radiator hose. These repairs can be conducted at the site without the need for towing the vehicle to a garage. It is a sure way to save on towing costs. Check the company's area of operation. For instance, the company may or may not provide services outside your state. Some towing companies have garages where they can repair your vehicle. 

Check the company's terms and conditions. For instance: 

  • Check the company's availability. Go for companies providing 24/7 recovery services.
  • How does the company calculate towing costs? They may charge per hour or kilometre. Besides, you may incur extra charges such as storage.
  • Inquire how you should make payments. Some companies may decline cash payments at night.
  • Ask if the company provides compensation if your vehicle gets damaged during towing.

When choosing a towing service, examine the company's reputation, towing vehicles, communication strategies, range of services and terms and conditions.

Reach out to local towing services for more information.