Should You Get a Custom Trailer Made for Your Business?

A trailer may be just what you need to haul oversized equipment and other items for your business, but sometimes the trailers you find at a shop or online don't seem to offer all the features you need for your items in particular. You might also find that a trailer you've previously purchased didn't last against your everyday use and demands, and you may wonder if a custom trailer is the right option for your business. Note a few ways to determine if a custom trailer is the best choice for you.

1. When you need steel

Many trailers are made of aluminium because this metal is very lightweight and won't rust or corrode. However, this lighter weight can also mean that it's easier to dent or ding the surface of the trailer and otherwise cause damage. If you're always causing dents in a trailer because of how you load and unload your equipment, it can be good to upgrade to steel. Since you want to ensure the trailer stays lightweight even with the heavier metal, you may need to have the trailer custom made. This will ensure you get a trailer that lasts but which won't weigh down your towing vehicle.

2. You need something low to the ground

Adding a ramp for easy loading and unloading of equipment that cannot be tipped isn't always an option, as that ramp may get in the way when you're on a cramped and small jobsite. A custom trailer can be built to sit as low to the ground as possible, with hydraulic shocks that raise it up and then protect it from damage when on the road. This can ensure you have easier loading and unloading of your equipment but won't have a trailer that actually scrapes the ground while being towed.

3. You're hauling something awkward

Trailers are often meant to accommodate lawn care equipment or tools often used on a jobsite, but if you haul long plumbing pipes or oversized prototypes of certain equipment, you may need a custom trailer. One can be designed to fit this part in particular so you don't need to rely on tie-downs or worry about leaving a back end open for your items, and you won't have them dangling off the back of the trailer either. A custom trailer can then also be made with windows or other openings for easily reaching in and getting smaller parts you need without having to work around whatever it is you're hauling or actually unload it to access other pieces.