Tips for Buying Towing Service Options on Car Insurance

If you purchase your car insurance package online, you may notice several screens of alternative options for the original policy. These options often consist of rental car options if your car is involved in an accident, safe driver programs, and roadside assistance packages. Part of the roadside assistance packages generally include towing of some kind. What you may also notice, are different levels of roadside towing services along with different prices. Before you just choose one and move on, there are some tips to ensure you get the right package for your needs.

Check Distances

One of the main issues people find with their towing package is the distance it covers. Unfortunately, many car owners purchase the policy with the assumption that if they have towing services there is no fee regardless of the distance. The truth is, some packages cover as little as ten miles from the site of pick-up to the nearest mechanic. If the distance exceeds that mileage, you pay out of pocket at a per mile basis for the rest of the journey. This can be very costly if your car breaks down or is in an accident in a rural area. This also limits the choices of mechanics as well. Make sure the covered mileage fits your location.

Check Mechanic or Garage Restrictions

There are some packages that offer roadside towing assistance for a flat fee, but when this happens you could be in for some restrictions. One of the most common restrictions is related to the associated garage or mechanic. For example, you may be able to get a flat fee towing that is far less than the normal per mile fee, but now you can only have it towed to a mechanic that has a specific license and is associated with the towing service. This mechanic may not always be near you, or may charge for more than you are willing to pay. Look for these restrictions to determine which mechanics and garages you may be limited to if you choose the coverage.

Additional Fees

So, you have picked out the towing package you want and you are familiar with the garages or mechanics that are part of the service. Your final hurdle is to prepare yourself for additional fees. Towing service coverage generally means just that. A wrecker will tow your car from point A to point B. However, if the car is damaged and needs to be attached to the wrecker with extra straps or special equipment is required to tow the car, then you will incur that additional fee. You may also incur a fuel fee, labor fee, time fee, or other fees such as storage fees or lot fees if the car has to stay at the garage overnight. Keep these in mind before check marking the package you want.

By keeping these tips in mind you can not only ensure you get the right towing package for your needs, but you can also reduce the chance of having to pay more out of pocket expenses when you do need the service. If you are not sure about certain wording regarding the towing package, contact your insurance representative directly for clarification.