How To Load A Small Forklift Onto A Split Tilt Trailer

Sometimes it is necessary to move a small forklift from one part of a factory premises to another. The easiest and quickest way to do this is by loading it onto a split tilt trailer and moving it. Here's how to safely and efficiently load a small forklift onto a split tilt trailer.

The first thing to do is to position the trailer and forklift so that minimal manoeuvring is required to place the forklift in a suitable position from which to load it onto the trailer. You should try to place the forklift so that it can be driven straight onto the trailer with its wheels at an even distance from either side of the trailer bed.

When you have the forklift correctly placed, unfasten the handle on the trailer so that it can tilt. You can assist the trailer tilting mechanism by standing on the back ramp of the trailer, letting your bodyweight serve as a counterweight. A trailer with an adjustable cushion cylinder allows you to set the speed at which it adjusts. This allows you to determine how fast or slow the forklift is loaded.

When the trailer ramp is lowered to the ground, you can drive the forklift onto the trailer. As you move the forklift slowly forward, remember to raise the forks so that they are well clear of the ramp. Leave the forks partially raised during the loading process so that you have a clear view of where you are going. Make sure that you position the forklift centrally on the ramp so that its weight is evenly distributed.

Move the forklift onto the trailer, easing slowly forward until you reach the tipping point of the trailer. The trailer ramp will automatically adjust as you load the forklift. The ramp will level out as the trailer sensors feel the forklift weight moving upwards onto the trailer bed.

Once the forklift is positioned centrally on the trailer and the trailer floor has levelled out completely, you can apply the brake to the forklift to prevent it from rolling or moving about whilst in transit. At this point it's also a good idea to lower the forklift forks to reduce the risk of accidents during transit.

You should now refasten the trailer handle to lock the bed in place. The forklift should be securely fixed to the trailer with webbing straps to prevent it from moving during transit.

Look into other methods of forklift transport if you need to move it farther.